Tumblr Widget for Your Website

This widget is for anyone who wants to display a nice set of pictures from a tumblr blog on his or her website. It doesn’t matter if the tumblr blog is yours or not (just be careful not to break any copyright law), it only has to have some pictures. The code you put on your page is plain Javascript/HTML, so it would work flawlessly on all major browsers. It doesn’t require JQuery or other javascript library. Just be careful not to put two widgets with the same name on any given page.

We hope you find it useful. Any feedback is appreciated.

Your tumblr name (the part in red from tumblrname.tumblr.com):
Widget Title (a title link to your blog - leave empty to skip):
Number of photos:
Photo size:
Give your widget a nice name. Make sure it's not the same as other widgets you may have on the same page.
Margin between photos:
Show JI Apps credits below the photos (We'd appreciate it, but it's your choice)
Link each photo to:

Demo (how it will look like):

Copy and paste this code in your theme - put it where you want the photos to appear: