Tumblr Photo Widget for WordPress

If you want to add beautiful photos to your sidebar, a Tumblr photo blog is a perfect solution. We wrote an addon which adds a widget to your sidebar, as you can see on the right side here, and allows you to improve the visual appeal of your website. The addon is based on the great Tumblr Widget plugin written by Gabriel Roth. If you want to show more than just photos, go ahead and download his instead.

In order to install the addon, just download the archive and unzip it in your wp-content/plugins folder. Then go to your WordPress admin panel -> Plugins and click on Activate. After that the widget will appear on your Appearance -> Widgets page and you can add it to your sidebar.

Here are the widget options. You can set the widget title, the tumblr URL address, the number of photos to display, whether you want the latest photos or random and the size of each photo. Please note, that only the 75px photos have a set height, and if you choose 250px for example, the height may vary, so you have to consider this when styling the widget. The photos are enclosed in li-elements and the class of the ul list is named “ji-tumblr-photo-widget”.

click to download