Our App Store debut was a major success

On Sept 2nd we released our first app on the App Store. Its name is ‘По кината’ (po kinata) and is about movies and where to watch them. It lists the movie listings in 11 Bulgarian cities, including Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas, and gives the user useful information about the movies and the movie theaters. Users have the option to vote for the movies they watch, thus helping their peers in their decision.

The app quickly reached #1 on the App Store and is still in top 10. The reviews are great and our team is very happy with the success. We launched a website for the app – pokinata.com and we have sent a press release package to several news sites in hope to generate more interest. Few of them reacted and we thank them. We didn’t have a marketing strategy beforehand, and we are happy that we succeeded without one.

We are currently developing an update which targets some of the users’ requests and suggestions. Without giving up too much, I can tell you that there will be an additional screen with even more details for each movie and some other great stuff. We are also developing several other ideas in hope that at least one of them would turn into a successful app.

Thanks to our fans and stay tuned for more!

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