iOS-Blog and how I won a great book

A while ago I was reading a tutorial on iOS-Blog called How to make a magazine app in iOS and I was fascinated how well it was written when an ad caught my eye. It was a so-called internal ad, leading to another page on the site. It offered me a chance to win a book about iOS development by tweeting about the site. It was a no-brainer. I then finished the tutorial – which proved quite interesting – and just a few weeks later I was holding the book in my hands: iOS Recipes – Tip and Tricks for Awesome iPhone and iPad Apps by Matt Drance and Paul Warren. The book was great and the experience as a whole – even better.

Let me tell you a little more about the book. It is divided into recipes for various situations which are grouped into chapters with different types of recipes. For example, the first chapter is called UI Recipes, the second one – Table and Scroll View Recipes and so on. One could read it cover to cover, but it is far more suitable to read about a certain approach when you need help achieving something. I used the first recipe in the book as a base for a cool effect in one of my apps and a recipe about table views in a couple other projects. The book is not for beginners – you need to know the basics before trying some of the recipes here.

The kind folks at The Pragmatic Programmers – the book publisher – first sent me a digital copy of the book in several formats, so I can open and read it wherever I want. On each page of the e-book at the bottom was written Prepared exclusively for Dimitar Chakarov which was a nice touch. A week later the paper copy arrived and now I have the book in no less than 4 different formats. Thanks guys!

Be sure to visit the iOS-Blog competitions page and participate in one of their games – you may win a book or a 360iDev conference ticket if you are lucky.