Have a biscuit on the AppStore

We are happy to announce that our first kids game for iPhone – Biscuits – is now live on the AppStore. We love biscuits so much we wanted to make a game about it. And it turned out quite good. Go check it out!

The game is free and available worldwide for everyone with an Apple device running at least iOS 5. The cute graphics are drawn by our talented designer Milena Nenova, and the coding part was executed by yours truly. The happy jingle is ‘Playful Upbeat Times’ by Geoff Harvey and the sounds are from the great soundbible.com.

In conclusion, I want to add a personal note – when I gave my phone to my son to test the game, he liked “eating” the biscuits so much I had to run to the store to buy him some real ones. Be sure to prepare in advance! And wish your kid a happy playing from me.