About Us

We started JI Apps so we can use our skill more effectively to help our customers make the most of their online presence. We are a small team of web professionals who believe that frequent communication with the client is essential for a successful web project. We are available any time for questions and discussions.

There are no hidden costs – after we reach an agreement considering the project budget and time frame, we stick to it. If you want some additional work, we always inform you about its cost upfront.

Our main area of expertise is building customised web sites and web applications. We use modern tools and technologies for your project and we prefer stability and ease of use over shiny but buggy solutions.

Don’t be afraid to challenge us – if you want something no one has done yet, we can help you build the next great thing users all over the world will use and enjoy.

The Team
GeorgiAfter several years working as a developer on different kinds of projects Johny decided it’s time to start his own company and co-founded JI Apps. He is an expert in e-commerce and a huge fan and evangelist of object oriented programming. Among his many skills are database design, developing custom payment processors and the ability to follow complex customer requests.

Dimitar is known for his passion for new things – he follows the trends in modern web and gains new skills along the way. Some examples include: ability to integrate popular APIs like Facebook API, Google Charts API, Google Docs API; developing addons for blog platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr; website and app development for mobile platforms including IPhone, Android and others. His favourite language is PHP, but he also speaks Perl, C++, Objective C, Java and some others.
He also has some experience as a copywriter and as a writer – he has written a bunch of reviews for tv shows and laptops, and also some short stories.

JI Apps uses the services of several freelance experts in order to deliver excellent quality for affordable price. For our design needs we work with Miroslav Kocev and Silvia Kirkova; for SEO-related work we turn to ganbox.com and for marketing and advertising stuff – to Mitsy.